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hey wasup

2010-08-12 01:48:26 by digidude67

hey every body im writing this because im bored. i mean what reason would anyone have to come here and read it? ..... well an way im just gonna say a lil about my self i am what you would call the steriotypical nerd i love video games ,books , and the computer. i am wiccan and NO that does not mean i worship the devil that is just a bunch of seriotypical bs made up by extremist christians during the salem witch hunts. in reality wiccans just follow one rule do whatever the hell you want as long as no one gets hurt. pretty cool right? :D any way that doesnt mean i get off easy i may have one of the stricktest religions ever , i hav to think about every action i make and make sure it causes no one harm and i screw up alot ..... haha this has turned into a religious rant sorry every body. butt seriosly any questions about wicca just ask. im a bit of an idiot when it comes to the details my myself but stillits better to know something than nothing right?